The company Nedpal B.V. was established in 2001 as a Dutch pallet producer. Understanding the growing role and potential of Eastern European countries Nedpal, through its partner relations, has also initiated in Ukraine the opening and development of sawmills and pallet productions. Today the partner companies have the leading positions in the production of wooden pallets and boards on domestic market. Together we successfully and punctually deliver variable wooden products to our customers in Western Europe.

In Ukraine the production of pallets began from the manual assembling in year 2003. However in order to meet high European standards we have come to a decision to automate the production process.

As a result a small production became an enterprise with the complete technological cycle. Today high-speed automatic line (the Netherlands) allows to produce reliable, multiple use products.

Nedpal B.V., despite difficult World Market situation, is steadily developing and is interested in new stable customers. In order to ease the cooperation we speak Dutch, English, German, Russian, Ukrainian and Italian as well. We are open for a long term cooperation and are ready to contribute into it our goodwill, energy and knowledge.

Working with us you’ll reach the success you deserve!