Recognized and highly experienced production and trade company

During the years of its activity we have developed a wide network of branches all over Europe

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EPAL Pallets

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UIC pallets, one-way pallets

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Pallet boards, 1st choice

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Pressblocks firewood

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Oak strips, choice A

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Firewood fresh or dried

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The company Nedpal B.V. was established in 2001 as a Dutch pallet producer

Understanding the growing role and potential of Eastern European countries Nedpal, through its partner relations, has also initiated in Ukraine the opening and development of sawmills and pallet productions.

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Our successful experience

Our successful experience of long-term cooperation gives us a whole series of competitive advantages:

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Trust of the most important enterprises

During the years of collaboration we deserved the trust of the most important enterprises of Europe

Flexible price policy in Nedpal

We have flexible price policy: each client is special for us

Excellent quality of services

The excellent quality of services: we carry out all orders quickly and deliver them in time

Europe technologic standards

Our business is built on the basis of the European management and technologic standards

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