Wooden pallets

We offer quality wooden pallets that are a good choice for transporting and packing different kinds of goods. We make standard and non- standard pallets of any required size. The wooden pallets are manufactured according to customer's specifications.

Europallet 1200x800 mm
3x1200x100x22 mm
3x1200x145x22 mm
2x1200x100x22 mm
3x800x100x22 mm
6x100x145 mm
3x78x145x145 mm

One-way pallet 1200x800 mm
5-7x1200x98x22 mm
3x800x98x22 mm
3x1200x98x22 mm
9x78x98x98 mm

One-way pallet 1200x800 mm
5-7x1200x75x15/16 mm
3x800x75x15/16 mm
3x1200x75x15/16 mm
9x75x75x75 mm

DIN pallet 1200x1000 mm
4x1200x98x22 mm
3x1200x143x22 mm
3x1000x143x22 mm
3x1200x143x22 mm
9x78x143x143 mm

One-way pallet 1200x1000 mm
7-9x1200x98x22 mm
3x1000x98x22 mm
3x1200x98x22 mm
9x98x98x78 mm